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Edmond Fallot Traditional Dijon Mustard

Edmond Fallot Traditional Dijon Mustard

By: French Farm

Traditional Dijon Mustard from Burgundy
The flagship of Edmond Fallot's mustard range, this traditional dijon is made by grinding the mustard seeds wth flint millstones to preserve its taste and strength. A perfectly bright and smooth mustard for practically any use in the kitchen.

Edmond Fallot is the last family-owned moutarderie in France, independently operated since 1840. Burgundy has a long, storied tradition of making the world's best mustards--and Fallot is at the top of this list, with its flavorful, traditional blends favored by chefs and food-lovers worldwide. All Fallot mustards are made purely and in the classic Burgundy tradition, using freshly ground mustard seeds, verjuice (a blend of vinegar, salt, and water), and the highest quality spices and flavorings.

7.4 oz.